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“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”
Thomas Jefferson.
About Us

We are a newly-founded organisation, set up to meet a much-needed demand for cooperation and coordination amongst political and social organisations with one pressing aim: reinstituting and protecting the security, suveranty, freedom, and liberty of the Australian people and nation, whilst aiding in individual emancipation and self-actualisation.

Our organisation consists of outstanding patriots with a burning desire to protect our country. We ask that parties (both state and federal), and social and political organisations, put their differences aside for now, cooperate under treaty, within the bounds of common law and equity; and adopt a coordinated and strategic approach to the defence and protection and rebuilding of our nation without abandoning their individual causes.


In a time of crisis, it becomes imperative to park what divides us and focus instead on what unites us: the security and wellbeing of the Australian people. As it stands, our communities have been stripped of all meaningful protection against tyranny.


The Biosecurity Act 2015 removes meaningful protection of the people’s right to bodily autonomy, and renders onto the Director of Human Biosecurity and other bureaucratic, non-elected officials sweeping powers to monitor, track, force medicate, forcibly incarcerate, and fine the Australian people if they choose to exercise their inalienable freedom and suveranty. As of 9th of February 2021, the federal government has asserted that state premiers will be left with the power to dictate what rights and privileges are retained and which ones are lost to citizens who decline to participate in the mRNA experiment.  

The Defence Amendment Act strips away any protection the Australian people may have if the federal government declares a state of emergency, invites foreign troops onto Australian soil, and those troops harm or injure any member of the Australian public. This Act also opens the door for the potential occupation of Australia by troops loyal to the globalist agenda (UN troops, the Strong Cities Network police, et cetera). These are forces who, under this act will not be accountable to the Australian people, nor will the Australian people have the right to seek remedy against them in an instance of abuse, harm, injury, or loss of any kind. The danger this poses can very easily be ascertained through a review of the recent deployment of agents of the Strong Cities Network in Victoria in one of the most appalling human rights breaches in recent Australian history and for which the Victorian Premier has been charged in the International Criminal Court.  

Additionally, the COVID-19 response acts at state levels work to suspend common sense, inculcate fear within our psyche, and bypass our pre-frontal cortex (the region of our brain implicated in planning complex cognitive behaviour, personality expression, decision making, and moderating social behaviour); thereby giving governments the platform to implement socialist, tyrannical, and irrationally inconsistent rules without much backlash or public outcry or question.

Together, these various acts and legislations effectively annule all meaningful protection of the Australian people against our own government. We cannot let this disposition stand. History has shown that most atrocities and genocides in human history have been instigated by governments against their own people. It is therefore paramount for every individual to have meaningful protection from their own government and its incessant tyrannical tendencies.

Thus, we urge all Australians, all patriots who truly care about this country, its people, and their own freedom, to stand with us and work together. Not as one entity, but as partners, brothers and sisters, as neighbours, peers and leaders for our common good and for the wellbeing, safety, and protection of our communities and our loved ones. Our children’s, indeed all of our futures depend on this collaboration.


The APA proposes a two-part solution.

A strategically coordinated response on all fronts to shield the Australian people from the brunt of government overreach. This first part will have too aspects:
a) A unified political party
b) A group of organisations and patriots united around a common goal.

Build an infrastructure (comprising of social, legal, political, economic, and private communications networks) that will provide an alternative system of social governance and engagement.

Access to Network of Support

You are not alone! There are numerous organisations fighting for the freedom, wellbeing, security and democracy of Australia and its people. The Australian Patriots Alliance offers a medium for patriotic organisations big and small, to work under treaty, provide support to one another, and work in unison towards a common goal.

Your organisation will benefit from:

Leadership Strategy

With many leaders in our network, and a few of these being leadership coaches, your organisation will benefit from:

Project Funding

As the organisation is not-for-profit, we cannot guarantee regular donations and funding into your projects. However, of the donations that we do receive, we will contribute what we can to your cause when you need it.  

Help In Garnering Public Support

We understand your plight. The programming of the people of this land through the media and partisan political narratives pose a significant threat, particularly now when we need to stand as one. The APA will help garner public support for your cause through our grassroots campaigns: leveraging volunteers, door-to-door engagements, billboard and other campaign signage.

Access To a Network of Leaders

Having other leaders to reach out to and talk to, bounce ideas off, and coordinate with is an invaluable asset to our stance against tyranny. The APA facilitates and provides a forum for collaboration and mutual support.

Access to Affordable Network Services

the members of each group/organisation/party who have a business will provide their services to the APA’s member organisations at a discount available only to members.


Access to Private Communications Network

The APA is working to build a secure and private communications app with no backdoor access to external entities. All members will gain access to this network once it is launched. Yours and your group’s interactions will be safe and secure so you may speak freely. The APA emphasises that freedom of speech and freedom of thought are key principles for a free and democratic society.

The People’s Banking Infrastructure

The APA is also working on building a credit union for the people, governed by the people. No longer will the people’s funds be at the mercy of private banks and government manipulations. Your organisation and its valued members will benefit from private and secure accounts for their funds when needed, without any concerns about their accounts being closed because of their political opinions.

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